Jolt Again
his jolt us again on 26 October 2015 when a horror wave of earth quake with a magnitude of about 8.1Rector Scale begin to jerk the land with its full furriness and resulted in huge damages in many catchment areas in Chitral. This reminds us a decade back catastrophic history of earth quake 2005 in Muzfarabad. Peoples had not been recovered from that traumatic miseries are now get engulfed by this deteriorating phenomena. This hard trembling phenomena caused trenches on land bashed many critical facilities and in turn created many casualties in many part Chitral as result many favorer and rescuer from different authorities reach the bashed area to scan the rubbles for victims.
As we know that many cues given by geo and meteorological hazards many time as to secure, to learn, and most importantly to prepare own self to its harmful effect. Let come & go back  to  1992 when  a magnitude of about 7.2 earth quake wave begin to propagate the hole Hi…
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